Working with an interior designer is not for everyone. It's expensive, many people already have most of their furniture and aren't looking to replace everything they own. Most importantly, many of of us have a style of our own and are just looking for a bit of help on some specific design questions. 


This is why I created Ask Me Anything Design.

I'm here for your one off design questions.


Is this rug cheap for a good reason?

Will this dining table fit in my dining room?

What size coffee table should I get? 

I want a new couch but I don't know were to look besides West Elm.


These are all good questions and for a flat fee I'm dolling out all the design know how I've accumulated. If I can't answer your question, there's no charge. 


See sample Q&A's


There is a $50 fee for all Consults.

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The more info the better. Send me a link to the product you're wondering about, dimentions of the room, a description of your style. The more info I have, the better job I can do answering your question.