I am an experienced executive with a specialty in early stage companies. I have a strong strategic and operational background, a keen eye for product and extensive management experience.

With hands on start up experience, I have a complex understanding of what it takes to grow and operate a young company.  I pride myself on identifying the underlying issue of any given problem and am always looking for an effective, lean solution. My skill set is a hybrid of analytical thinking and creative problem solving.





Consulting Services

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Management Training and Coaching

Managing people is hard and it's one of the things early stage companies often overlook until it is a real problem. I have helped new and experience managers at young companies develop their leadership skills, learn how to balance management with individual contributions and ensure that their team is as productive as possible while maintaining company culture.

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Operations Optimization and Process Development

When the team is super small, process can feel like a dirty word; just unnecessary red tape that slows us down. But as the team expands, process, documentation and communication is what allows the company to thrive with minimal growing pains. I have helped companies of all sizes hone and define their processes to make sure they can operate seamlessly and achieve their goals.

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Financial and growth Modeling

When you're just starting out, often the goal is to just grow "as fast as we can". While the sentiment behind that is admirable, setting real concrete goals that can show a path forward and can be measured against is a critical component to growth and forecasting. Whether you're looking to refine your existing plan or start from scratch, I can help you define your KPIs, understand the levers that impact them and develop a plan to grow over time. 

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Strategic Planning

Whether you have one million ideas or you're a little bit stuck, deciding what to do next and where to focus your resources are the most important decisions you will make. By helping to identify a business's top priorities and using lean start up principles, I help companies evaluate and focus on what's next.






Green Blender

Green Blender is a weekly subscription service making it fun and easy to make a healthy decision every day by delivering everything you need to make delicious smoothies at home.


Dec 2015 - Apr 2016

Chief Operating Officer

    • Founding member of subscription smoothie business from ideation to reality. Oversaw strategic direction of the company with the founding team. Raised $900k in seed round funding.
    • Developed financial model and profitability plan for company operations. Defined and analyzed internal KPIs including customer LTV, renewal/cancellation rates, and cohort analysis. Managed company payroll for full-time and part-time employees.
    • Grew the user base from zero to thousands of active weekly subscribers beginning with hand deliveries in NYC to national coverage from two production facilities (NY and LA).
    • Managed day-to-day logistics of shipping over thousands of boxes of fresh produce a month from multiple locations. Logistics included sourcing and purchasing ingredients, sourcing and optimizing packaging, defining packing process and managing inventory.
    • Negotiated partnerships with large brands including Vitamix, Fresh Direct and FedEx as well as large food distributors across the country.
    • Defined and oversaw all warehouse activities including hiring staff, purchasing equipment, general HR issues and shipping logistics.




    Outbrain is a leading technology company connecting readers, publishers and online advertisers through content marketing and recommendations.


    February 2014 - December 2014

    Vice president, Account Operations

    June 2011 - February 2014

    Director, Account Operations

    July 2010 - June 2011

    Senior Account Manager

    July 2009 - JulY 2010

    Business Development

    JulY 2008 - JulY 2009

    Account Manager

    • Second employee in the US, started in Customer Service, worked in Sales and Business Development for a year and eventually moved to Account Operations to oversee all North American business. Oversaw $150MM+ in annual revenue.
    • Managed a team of 35 full-time employees, 15 part-time employees, and ~10 offshore con- tent moderators. Developed and executed offshoring plan.
    • Developed editorial policies, workflow and tools for content moderation.
    • Worked closely with the product team on roadmap, priorities, specs, and messaging. Collect- ed and analyzed feedback and usage data post-launch.
    • Worked closely with the executive team on strategic direction for the company, internal team workflow, and efficiencies. 
    • Managed client relationships with 400+ accounts across 3 different service level tiers. Larger clients included publishers and brands notably CNN, American Express, Condé Nast, Fox News, Ford, New York Times and many others.



    MRM McCann Erickson

    July 2007 to July 2008

    Assistant Account Executive






    I grew up in the Hudson Valley where I attended Millbrook School. In college at Johns Hopkins University, I studied Gender Politics and Ethics. Now, I live in Brooklyn with my husband Andrew and the love of my life, my dog, Lemon. My hair color changes often but my love of sweatpants does not. I love to cook, travel, go rock climbing and write my personal bio (ugh, no).










    ~mostly pictures of my dog~