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Hey there,

My purchase of a white (although super cute) rug was a mistake :) I should have listened to my mother. Good thing is I can move it to my bedroom under my bed! 

That leads me to replace it and I just saw this on Amazon Prime Day for $45 bucks (5x7) or $80 for the 8x10. Do you think it's cute or heinous?? I know nothing about rugs and think this seems too good to be true, ha. 


A rug rookie



Hi Rug Rookie,

Hmmmm. Well if you're budget is $80 it might not be a terrible way to go. I'm worried that you'll have the same problem with this rug as it has quite a lot of white in it as well. 


If you want to go inexpensive on rugs, I think jute is a good option. It's a neutral with great texture but it's also a natural fiber which is nicer underfoot than polypropylene (the amazon one) which is essentially plastic. The other thing that's great about jute rugs is you could use it as a base for some future smaller vintage rug purchase (see the pic below).

This is a fun one with tassles

Or this one is a bit simpler

They also sell them at ikea

If you don't like jute (some people don't like the way it feels, it can be a little on the scratchy side), I would look for something that uses cotton or wool. Here's a fun one from urban that's cotton and has the pink tones like the one you sent me.

If it were me, I wouldn't do the cheap one from Amazon. I would also consider what the right size rug is for the space. it should go under at least the front legs of all of your living room furniture. With rugs, the right size makes all the difference.


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This is the dresser we're thinking about getting. We like the shape and the general look but we'd love to see if there are some other options out there that are a little more interesting than West Elm. Any ideas?

Dressed to Impress


Hi Dressed to Impress, 

I totally get it. West Elm can be great but it can also be a bummer when you see your same dresser in half of your friends apartments. Here are some other ideas that might work for you.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 2.21.08 PM.png

Good luck!!