Taking renovations from concept to reality with a clean, modern aesthetic.


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The best solution often lies somewhere between what you thought you wanted and what the space dictates. I specialize in custom creative solutions for each individual space.

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I am well versed in both AutoCad and SketchUp allowing me to provide detailed drawings and photo realistic renders to a client so they can fully visualize their design plans.

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Experienced in sourcing fixtures and finishes from many different vendors, working within a budget and looking for creative solutions to get the look at the right price. 

Project Photos

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Garden Before

Garden Before

Garden After

Garden After

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I'm currently renovating my own home in upstate New York. Follow my process and progress in the blog below.

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Finalizing Our Floor Plans and Some Design Details

I just really love a floor plan. I can picture a tiny version of myself walking around the hallways or sitting on a tiny couch watching an even smaller Leslie Knope on Parks and Rec… annnyway. I hate it when listings don’t include a floor plan of the space. You can’t tell anything about a...

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The Good, The Bad, The Expensive

I am not a woman who can seek out a great deal on a septic tank. I am reluctant at best to understand the details of such an item. That said, there were several items that I was willing to really dig into to see what kinds of deals I could find. Given that basically everything is more expensive than you would like it to be, it seems...


Winter is coming, get your grass moving

Until recently I was pretty much thinking about our house as an object that floated in space. You can see it in the models I built, the house was literally floating in space. I was so focused on the house that I really didn’t think about the landscape around it at all. I mean, certainly the location of the house, it’s orientation...

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